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Friday, November 7, 2008

New Plan

After much prayer, discussion, and pursuit of other options with no clear results, we have decided to stick with our current agency but pursue a special needs adoption from China. All along we had it in the backs of our minds that we would be doing a special needs adoption anyway, but our agency wanted us to enter the traditional program first, and then possibly switch down the road. This was due to age restrictions, etc., which are agency policies. We know we are not willing to wait the 4-6 years that many are now predicting the wait will be for a traditional Chinese adoption (once the dossier is logged in...not including all this time we are spending now!) so we are just going to trust the Lord for a special needs placement that fits the birth order age policy in His timing. The good thing about this is that it lowers the amount of money that we need for our first agency fee, which I have reflected on our ticker. We are now at $1000, thanks to some new donations, which is 2/3 of our home study fee...only $500 needed to cover that cost entirely! We have not received our home study this week as I thought we would, but since we don't have all the money yet, I guess that's fine! Please pray for patience on our part, as well as the needed funds to come in...I know they will in God's time!

Xie, Xie...Thank You!

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

In the Slow Lane

Not much as happened on the adoption front, so thus the lack of posting. Our home study should be mailed to us next week for review. We have been back and forth about agencies and countries and children...I want this process to hurry up, and yet I know it's going to take some time. I think we have pretty much decided to stay with our current agency, but go directly into the Special Needs program and wait until a child comes along in that program who fits the agency's birth order policy (at least nine months younger than our youngest) and who has needs we feel we can parent. The wait shouldn't be as long as the traditional Chinese program, which is projected by many to be a 4 to 6 year wait at this point. We covet your prayers as we hurry up and wait...patience isn't one of my virtues, I'm afraid!

Thanks for waiting with us!

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