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Friday, April 30, 2010

A Must Read

It's the end of another month on our adoption journey. Continue to pray for wisdom for us in some important decisions that need to be made as we move forward. My sister sent me the link to this blog post today, and it was so very encouraging to me at this point on our adoption journey. If you love Jesus and want to understand His heart for the orphaned children of this world, you must read it.

Jesus, please give me your eyes and your heart as we wait for our daughter...

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Friday, April 2, 2010

And the Beat Goes On...

We had a successful Pampered Chef fundraiser, thanks to many family and friends. Thank you! We continue to wait for a referral, and rest in the Lord for His timing and provision. You can pray that I sell a lot of cookbooks and copies of my sister's poetry book at our church this month, as we are putting out information this weekend in the church newsletter and will be putting out samples of both books in the lobby. I am also in the midst of a flower bulb fundraiser which is being communicated to the church, so I hope for a good response to that. To be honest, I'm getting pretty tired of fundraising, but I feel that I need to do something to keep the ball rolling and people's awareness of our situation up. So, the beat goes on!

Until Sophia is home...

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