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Monday, August 4, 2008

Finally...The Next Step!

Last week I was out of town for the week, but we did receive the good news that our agency feels as though we can move forward with the intent to adopt from China, as their liasion in China, in talking with the CCAA, thinks my medical situation is not going to be an issue for them.


So now it's on to the next step. This Thursday morning Dave and I will be meeting via conference call with a representative from our agency, Adoption Associates, Inc., to discuss international adoption in general and the special issues associated with it (e.g., bonding and attachment). If, after that meeting, we still wish to pursue international adoption, we move to filling out the official application--and the fun begins!

Thanks for your interest in our journey!

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stephanie garcia said...

HOW EXCITING!! You will have to share with us what you hear from the agency. We can use some pointers, too! I'm thrilled for you guys! (: