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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sidebar Changes

If you don't scroll down the page on this blog very often, you may not have noticed some interesting changes (at least to me!) that I have made in my sidebar. I have found, via my blog searching and reading, various websites of interest regarding Taiwanese culture and such, which I have listed and linked below. There are also some that are more general to Chinese culture and language, but that still pertains to Taiwan. One of these days I'll do a history lesson post to explain what happened and is happening between the Mainland and Taiwan, but that will have to wait until after Christmas! If you are interested in seeing a lot of GREAT photos from Taiwan, visit Journey to Taiwan for Hannah Claire which is the blog of a couple adopting their first child from Taiwan. They arrived this past weekend and are doing some sightseeing before picking up their daughter. It has whetted my appetite for our trip someday!

Thanks for sharing in our journey!

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stephanie garcia said...

I look forward to the history lesson and I'm going to check out the blog. So excited for you!!