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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Two Great Meetings!

Our little "committee" meeting on 2/3 went really well...I'm so grateful for my friends who are pitching in to help us with our garage/bake sale in April! Thanks, guys! Then, yesterday, 2/7, we had a wonderful visit with Stephanie Carpenter, our adoption agency's Taiwan Program Director, and her family here at our house. Although Stephanie works for our agency which is located in Kansas, she "telecommutes" right here from Lebanon County, PA...how cool is that! We really enjoyed getting to know Stephanie and her husband and her two daughters...the youngest of whom was adopted from Taiwan in 2007 from the same orphanage we will be going through. Stephanie and her husband had a lot of great fundraising ideas for us based on their experiences, and they are even putting together a spaghetti supper fundraiser to help us and a couple of other families raise funds for our adoptions. There are some changes afoot in our adoption agency, but I think they will be to our benefit in the long run. When I hear more, I'll post more about that. But for now, I'm just very thankful for two great meetings and the encouragement to "keep on keeping on".

...Until Sophia is home!

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