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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First Trimester Almost Done!

When you are pregnant, you can't wait to get through the first trimester. You usually begin to feel better and the risk of miscarriage seems to go way down. You can breathe more easily and start to plan for the arrival of the new little one. Well, our first trimester of being "paper pregnant" is almost done. Our dossier arrived in Taiwan on September 14, so in a few short days, we will have been waiting for three months. I'm glad to be busy with other things during this time of waiting. It makes the time go by faster. In the back of my mind is the nagging thought that we don't have the money we need for when the referral comes, but I know God will provide in His time. I pray often for our daughter, who may or may not be born yet, and for her birth family and the choices they will be making regarding our daughter. I know so much is going on behind the scenes right now that only God knows, and I trust Him to work it all out. So, as we move into our fourth month of waiting, I continue to rely on God to bring this dream to fruition!

Waiting and praying...

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The Thomasson's said...

Happy to find your blog. We are adopting from Taiwan also! Our agency is out of Kansas also and just curious if we are using the same one? We are using Bethany Christian Services. Glad to hear that you are almost done with that first trimester! Our dossier was actually just received today!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Each milestone is such a joy on an adoption journey. Congratulations on making it thru your 1st trimester!

God will provide! Don't let go of your hope...