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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Crazy Love Challenge

In perusing blogs this afternoon I came across this blog and a post from a couple of days ago entitled, "Crazy Love Poured Out".  I am familiar with Francis Chan's book, Crazy Love, and if you haven't read it, you will be challenged in your Christian life if you do.  Anyway, the post was a call for adoptive families who are in the process of fundraising to bring home their kiddos to link to the post and just see what God might do...so, here's a little about us and what we are doing to bring home our daughter, Sophia Elizabeth, from Taiwan:

My husband and I have been married for almost 15 years, and have four sons, two through the miracle of adoption from domestic foster care, and two through the miracle of birth.  They range in age from 15 down to 2 and keep us on our toes!  However, we have always had a desire to adopt a little girl from an Asian country, as God has placed on our hearts a love for Asia  and her people in many ways throughout our lives.  We started the process of a special needs adoption two years ago, first thinking China, and then being led to Taiwan through a variety of open and closed doors.  At the beginning of June, we were matched with a 2 1/2 year old little girl with special needs, whom we have named, Sophia Elizabeth.  She is currently in foster care in Taiwan.  (We are unable to post a photo at this time, but trust me...she's beautiful!)  We are waiting for legal documents to arrive from Taiwan so that we can return everything that is needed for our referral dossier and start the Taiwanese court process.  We are hoping to travel to bring Sophia home in the spring of 2011, but only God knows the exact timeframe!

On this journey God has provided in amazing ways for our expenses.  We have done a variety of fundraisers including garage sales, home parties, and our Forever Family cookbooks (which are still for sale!).  We have also been blessed by gifts from family and friends.  We have never had all of the finances ahead of time, but just exactly when we need them...God has been, and will continue to be, faithful!

We are currently fundraising for the last bit we need for this phase of the adoption which is our orphanage fee and the related expenses for paperwork and authentications.  We need approximately $2500 more to meet this goal.  Then we will start saving for our travel expenses which will range from $5000-$7500, depending on when we travel.  I know God will provide in His time, and we appreciate everyone's prayers and encouragement as we wait on Him!

Trusting and praying until Sophia is home...

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Annie said...

Praying for you fundraising to be a total success! And by the way, did I mention that I am just dying to see a photo of your new little girl?? Can't wait to be able to see her little face, and I know it will just encourage us in our wait.