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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Taiwanese Sisters

Last weekend Sophia and I had the exciting privilege of traveling to Pittsburgh to meet up with a long-time online friend and her daughter.  Mandi and her family have been a part of our lives since we connected over two years ago when we first committed to bringing Sophia home from Taiwan.  Mandi and her husband and two sons had recently committed to another Taiwanese princess, whom they named, Teagan.  Teagan and Sophia are about six months apart in age and both have cerebral palsy.  What I remember most about our first connection was that Mandi told me that she had seen Sophia's profile, and while they felt led to adopt Teagan, she had been praying for Sophia to find a family.  Mandi was such an encouragement to me while we were in Taiwan, as she had just been through similar circumstances six months prior, and, when we came home and I was struggling with the adjustments, she was there to cheer me on.

Fast forward over two years, and we finally had the chance to meet in person.  Teagan had an appointment with a medical specialist in Pittsburgh, so Mandi, her mom, and Teagan were making the drive from Indiana for the weekend.  We met up and had a wonderful time getting to interact in person and meeting the girls for the first time.  As Mandi said, it was great to actually get to hug in person!!  Our hope and prayer is that we can maintain our relationship over the distance and allow Sophia and Teagan to grow up together as Taiwanese sisters.  It was so neat to see how God clearly put each little girl in the family where she fit best...just another reminder of God's faithfulness in our adoption journeys!

Thanks, Mandi, for a great weekend...until next time!!

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The Thomasson's said...

we had a great time and are so happy we got to do that!! I loved spe ding that time together!