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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Agency Report #2

We finally received another call today from our agency. I was working, but Dave talked with the woman (although he can't remember her name...). Apparently, IF he understood correctly, a committee in China will be discussing my "medical conditions" on Friday and will be making a decision as to whether or not we can pursue adoption there. Mind you, my "medical conditions" are nothing major, and I probably could be taken off of the two meds I'm on and be fine, but I'm on them for preventative measures. And, I know my doctor will say I'm in excellent health, even though I'm on the meds. But I was honest and put them down on the application, so now, only God knows what will happen. But at least we can rely on His plan and if China closes her adoption doors on us, God will open another one somewhere!

Thanks for your encouragement and prayers!

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stephanie garcia said...

Terri, Anxiously waiting for [good] news with you!! Love ya!!