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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The First Step...Done!

Well, it's in the mail! Our preliminary application is filled out--along with the first of many checks--and is on its way to the adoption agency. If we are approved after the preliminary application, then we move to the second step which is to have a meeting with the agency regarding international adoption (the check was to cover the expense of that meeting). If we still wish to proceed after that meeting, then we move to step three which is to fill out the (very long!) formal application with the agency. So, we have put the ball into motion, and we'll see where God takes us from here!

I have started compiling some adoption blogs that I like to read. You can find them on the right, below my archives. I have been so blessed by watching the little fundraising "ticker" on Red Thread Stitches as this adoptive family sews their way to their new daughter in China. The clothes this adoptive mom makes and sells to raise funds for her adoption are adorable! Yesterday I supported their adoption by purchasing a little pink dress, made in China and donated by another adoptive mom. I intend to hang the dress in our spare room, which will probably become our daughter's room someday, so that I have a tangible reminder of what is awaiting us at the end of this very long journey. When I receive the dress I will post pictures!

Thanks for joining us on this journey!

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