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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Financial Update

Many people have been asking me about our financial status since the completion of our successful garage sale. We praise God that our home study ($1500) is paid for due to the proceeds, as well as our immigration paperwork ($800) and post-adoption visits ($900). I have changed our ticker on the right side of our blog to reflect our next big goal which is $5500 for our agency fee. Please pray that our cookbooks will sell, as this would make a big dent in that amount. We also have a myriad of other fundraisers going on right now: Avon (through 4/26), Mary Kay (through 4/30), homemade cards being sold at a local art gallery, and sub sandwich tickets for a local sub place being sold around town. There are several other fundraisers in the works, too: Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple, a Zumba-A-Thon, spaghetti dinners, and pancake breakfasts. If anything interests you from this list, make sure and contact me for more information! You can also pray for a few grant applications that will be going out soon--hopefully God will see fit to provide in that way as well. We are so excited about how God is providing as we need it...thanks for your prayers!

Until Sophia is home...

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stephanie garcia said...

Zumba-a-thon?? Do tell!! :)

Terri Fisher said...

Zumba is a fairly new aerobic exercise routine based on Latin rhythms and dance, if I understand correctly. Here is a website: http://www.zumba.com/us/. A Zumba-a-thin would be 3-4 hours of different instructors holding classes, with raffles and giveaways going on. People would pay a flat rate to come. A gal from our church is an instructor, as well as one of my friends from work.