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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Next Step

Next week we take another major step in our journey to Sophia in Taiwan...our immigration paperwork appointment! We are scheduled for Wednesday in Philadelphia, so pray that all goes well and that I remember everything I'm supposed to take with me! We are praising the Lord for the monies needed for this step ($800) and still praying for more monies to come in so we can keep moving forward.

Thanks for your prayers on Sophia's behalf!

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Sarah said...

I found your blog via MckMama's website -- we are also adopting, although domestically, and I just wanted to let you know that your family and Miss Sophia will be in my daily prayers going forward. Many blessings on you guys -- you have such an inspiring story! God bless!

Busy Mama said...

Terri - you bid on an item on Chloe's Closet Auction and won!! I need you to email me with your address so I can figure shipping. :)
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