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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Today I worked on the third piece of our dossier for Taiwan--a photo book of our family. I had fun on Snapfish playing around with layouts and such. It was hard to choose a theme, but I really like how the book turned out. It basically introduces each member of our family and shares what we like to do together. At the end I share our desire for a daughter/sister to share those family activities with us. Hopefully it will make a good impression on the "powers that be" who will see it and give us a referral. Of course our highest "Power" is ultimately in control, and He knows exactly who will fit in this crazy, male-dominated family of ours! My prayer is that she is feminine and likes to shop!

Praying Sophia home!

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stephanie garcia said...

Every step forward is exciting! Knowing you, I'm sure the book is top-notch. Maybe we'll get to see it someday! :)