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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Unexpected Surprise

Guess what came in the mail today, much earlier than anticipated? Our I-797C, the document stating that we have been approved for our advanced processing of orphan petition! I had heard that this could take up to 12 weeks to come through, and we had only done our fingerprinting and such in early June. We now have everything we need to submit our dossier to our agency and then to Taiwan EXCEPT...the second half of the agency fee! If I had another $2750 to send to our agency, I could have our dossier to them in the next week and to Taiwan in the next month...we would be that much closer to a referral for our little Sophia. Will you please pray with me that this money will come in sooner rather than later? I know God can do this! Thanks!

Praying for the next step to Sophia...

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stephanie garcia said...

Oh Ter! What an exciting yet nervewracking place to be!!