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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Exciting Week!

What an exciting week this has been! This morning we received a list of five questions from the orphanage in Taiwan. They wanted some clarification and explanation on a variety of issues. I was able to respond this afternoon. Pray that if and when the responses are translated, they will make sense. I'm not sure if there is an English speaker on the other end or not, but I know our home study had to be translated. We have been told that a decision could take weeks to months, so we continue to wait. Yesterday, after a series of events that I will have to post about later, we really felt God's confirmation on this little girl, so we are at peace with what lies ahead.

Thanks for your prayers...until Sophia is home...

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stephanie garcia said...

So excited about every little step forward. Praying that the decision is a positive one and made quickly, God willing! Love you!