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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I LOVE Updates!

This morning we received the monthly care updates on Sophia from our adoption coordinator!  The foster mother is doing them, and they are so detailed!  Even the orphanage liasion made a comment that the foster mother is doing an exceptional job at keeping these up-to-date.  Starting in June, we should receive a monthly update and photos...yeah!

Sophia has made a TON of progress since the beginning of the year.  She is now approximately 24 pounds, and 33 1/2 inches tall.  According to my size chart information, that puts her right at the beginning of 2T clothing.  It may be a tad big yet for her, but she'll get there!  She loves music and playing the piano, is able to pull to standing and walk with assistance, and loves being out and about learning and seeing new things.  She is going to fit right into this family!  I feel such peace knowing that the foster family is taking such good care of her, and it seems as though they will do a great job of preparing her for the transition of adoption.  What an answer to prayer!

I wish I could post a photo, but am going to wait until after we have passed court to post one publicly.  However, if you happen to see me somewhere, I'll try to have one with me so that you can see our precious little girl!  Continue to pray that our paperwork progresses well and that we can raise the last $3000 we need in the next 4 to 6 weeks.

Thanks for sharing in our excitement...until Sophia comes home...

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stephanie garcia said...

What an AWESOME update! So exciting!! E-mail me pictures, pretty please. :)

Annie said...

How wonderful to have a detailed update! There are so many families who adopt internationally who receive very little information on their little one. I know Taiwan seems to do a much more informed process and it is getting better all the time! So cool!