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Friday, June 4, 2010

We've Been Approved!

I was jumping up and down when I read the title to our agency contact's e-mail...GOOD NEWS!! Yes, we've been approved to proceed with our daughter's adoption...and in record time, praise God! It has been three weeks since we sent off the last of the answers to the questions we were asked by the orphanage, and I was getting ready to type my weekly "we continue to wait" post, but instead, I get to write this post! Now we must paper chase the second round of documents, update everything (ugh!), and get our funds totally raised. But God is good and He has a plan and it is proceeding in His time frame.  Will write more soon!

Sophia, Mommy and Daddy and brothers love you, and we are on our way!

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Melissa said...

What wonderful news!!!!!
Praising God with you.
Do you have an idea of how long it will be before you can travel?

Annie said...

Hello Terri! I saw your blog link our our Cathwel yahoo group. Congratulations on your approval!! We have just put in a request for a waiting child this past week. We know the wait to find out if our family is approved can be up to 12 weeks, so it is inspiring to hear that you found out in under a month! I look forward to following along with your blog!