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Thursday, February 24, 2011

One Month from Today...

One month from today is our first court hearing in Taiwan.  Since they are a day ahead of us in their time zone, the hearing will actually occur on March 23, our time.  Hopefully by March 24, a month from today, we will hear how the hearing went.  This past month has flown by, so I'm hoping that the next four weeks fly by, too.  So many of my "bloggy" friends are traveling right now or soon to get their children, and I'm getting antsy to be on my way, too.  I know God's timing is best, though, so for now, we wait.  Getting that update last week was so helpful in the waiting.  Hopefully we will get another one sooner rather than later!  Every day that passes is another day that Sophia grows and develops without us.  I feel as though I'm missing out
on so much of her life, but I'm also so grateful that she has a caring foster family there right now who love her as their own.  Adoption is as much about grief and loss as it is about the joy of building a family.  I pray that these last few months with her foster family are joyous for Sophia and her family.  We owe them so much for taking care of our little girl!

Musing in the waiting...

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stephanie garcia said...

Praying with you!

Amundson Family Musings said...


Do you get to meet Sophia this time over there? Praying for you!!!