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Monday, June 13, 2011

What A Day! Part Three

When the foster parents left the room, the two social workers, ours and the foster family's, and us were there with Sophia.  The foster parents had kind of snuck out of the room, but even when Sophia realized they were gone, she didn't fuss or cry.  We talked with her from a distance for a bit, trying not to smother her or anything, then came over to her and tried to engage her now and then.  Dave had a big break through when he got her laughing hysterically as he walked her around and around the seating area...check this out!

We were served lunch--Chinese take out (ha!)--while hanging out for awhile, waiting for the time we could check into our hotel.  Finally we packed everything up--including the duffel bag and big box--hailed a cab, and headed to our hotel.  Sophia loved riding in the car.  She loves to observe what is going on around her, and she thought the beeping of the cab's meter was especially entertaining!

Our hotel, called Le Parker, is a small boutique hotel.  Our room is definitely not conducive to a small child not too steady on her feet!  It has two levels with the main bed up a step on a wooden platform.  Sophia loves to walk around, so it was up and down the step, on and off the beds, always with an adult close by holding her hand.  She never cried with us, was very comfortable, and even took another bottle for me (her foster mother wasn't sure I would make it right, but Sophia took it right away!).  She is especially fond of Dave, which I was prepared for, and I figure when he goes back to work, we will have to get better acquainted!  She isn't totally snubbing me, though, which is good.  Our social worker was amazed at how well she adjusted to us, and when we told her that we had been praying and we had lots of people praying, she said she had been praying, too.  God answers prayer!

Siophia got very tired, but never slept.  Apparently she is not used to long naps, and only would nap for an hour at school.  She typically doesn't go to bed until 11 or 12 at night, either--we have some work to do!!  We believe that her foster parents loved her very much, but they might have also given in to her strong will just a tad...her strong will and determination will be a blessing to her as she grows and matures, but she will also have to learn that her way is not always the best way!

Around 5:45 p.m. we took a cab back to the Foundation where we met the foster family's children.  Sophia has had a 16 year old sister and a 15 year old brother, who are both very attached to her.  Our social worker explained to the family that this was their goodbye to us, and that tomorrow (which is actually today here!) they will say their goodbyes to Sophia and the social worker will then bring her to us.  The social worker doesn't want us to have to be there when they say goodbye to her.  The foster parents were a little surprised, I think, that Sophia had done so well with us and that we were transitioning so quickly.  In fact, we were a bit surprised in that we will be leaving Taichung a day earlier than anticipated.  We will have to pay for a day that we had reserved here at this hotel as it was a no cancellation type of reservation, but God made room at our previous hotel for an extra day, so we are taken care of.

Sophia went back to her foster father, but you could tell that she was a bit confused, not to mention very tired.  I just pray that they had a wonderful night with her, and that God will comfort them in this time of loss.  I am so thankful for all they have done, and pray God's richest blessing on them.  I gave the foster mother a hug when I said goodbye and hope that we conveyed our gratitude in spite of the language barrier.

Needless to say we were quite tired by the end of all of this.  We couldn't find a restaurant nearby for supper, so we hit the local "Family Mart" convenience store where we picked up Ritz crackers with cheese, Lays potato chips (Dave had seaweed flavor!), and oreo cookies.  In debriefing our day, we both commented on how tenacious and smart our little girl is, in spite of her special needs.  She's going to fit right in with her big brothers...let the games begin!

One more day and she is with us forever...

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Melissa said...

All I can do is smile. So, so happy for you!

Erin said...

love the pic of her and dave together!! praying for everything today for everyone involved!

panim said...

Oh, I wish I could see her sooner! I can't wait to hear about her little personality and how she gets along with her big brothers.
Love ya!!

Michele said...

Thank you for posting so detailed! I am so enjoying following all your momments in Taiwan. You are bringing back such vivid memories of emotions. Meghan acted the same way on our visitation day. Everything. Well, It's already tomorrow there so I can't wait to hear about your today, tomorrow. It's (for lack of a better word) Gotcha Day!

stephanie garcia said...

I love the picture of Sophia and her new daddy. I am reminded of how Dave always had a soft spot for our Isabel. Now he has a little girl all his own to spoil and love!

Annie said...

I am so happy that she had a good first day with you both and also that she really took to Dave so well. I have heard so many times that the child is afraid of the new dad so this is a nice change. She must sense a tender spirit in Dave - that is great and that she took the bottle from you is so wonderful Terri!